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Throat Chakra Healing Talisman Handmade Fused Dichroic Glass

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This healing talisman was created to help you connect and work with the energy of the Throat Chakra.

The throat chakra is the centre of communication, creation and expression of our will. It is located in the neck and the symbol represents our stable human body and soul eternal. It also represents the flow of sound, the give and take of communication, and it also connects with creation and growth.

Do you feel like you are ignored when you speak, talked over and not heard? This may indicate a disconnection or blockage in the throat chakra. Do you find yourself judging others harshly, being overly critical, and tend to lies to others? Your throat chakra may be over charged and needs to find balance.

Issues with the throat chakra can also include; lack of control over our speech, being unable to talk, not listening to others and feeling purposeless. By working with the Throat Chakra it helps you connect with and express your truth. It helps us regulate energy and reconnects you to the power of your will. When the Throat chakra is balanced and clear, you can speak your dreams in to reality with the energy of your will. You find your ability to listen and hear others increases bring deeper connections.

With each step of creating this healing talisman energy, magic, alchemy and Reiki are layered in with the glass and sealed with the symbol, making it powerful healing tool.

By using dichroic fused glass the talisman has a magical shimmer of colour which flashes and sparkles as you wear it.

  • The Talisman is presented on a gift card with information about the chakra.

  • Choose to have it presented on a 18" surgical steel hypoallergenic chain or black cord necklace

  • Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm

  • Handmade in Wiltshire UK

  • Free Postage within UK