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Galactic Chakra Healing Talisman Handmade Fused Dichroic Glass

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This healing talisman was created to help you connect and work with the energy of the Galactic Chakra.

The Galactic Charka is located above the Stella Gateway Chakra and below the Christed Consciousness Chakra. This chakra is one of the first connections to heavenly sources and higher frequencies. Being grounded deeply in to the Whale Matrix gives you a strong connection to the Galactic. As above so below.

The symbol represents connecting to heavenly frequencies, wholeness, and a deeper sense of time and space.

You may not even be aware of this chakra but you may feel the results of it being out of balance. Issues that can arise from the Galactic Chakra being out of balance, blocked, overworking, and disconnected are: feeling limited in all areas of life, struggle to connect to higher frequencies and inability to ground effectively. Feeling unable to balance the spiritual energy with the physical energy and feeling

overwhelmed with what's going on in the world. Working with the Galactic Chakra connects you to higher frequency energies, intense creative energies, and Ascended Masters. It helps you become aware of your multidimensional self, it connects you to heavenly wealth and abundance. Helps you see that there is no separation but oneness. It helps you develop advanced spiritual skills.

With each step of creating this healing talisman energy, magic, alchemy and Reiki are layered in with the glass and sealed with the symbol, making it powerful healing tool.

By using dichroic fused glass the talisman has a magical shimmer of colour which flashes and sparkles as you wear it.

  • The Talisman is presented on a gift card with information about the chakra.

  • Choose to have it presented on a 18" surgical steel hypoallergenic chain or black cord necklace

  • Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm

  • Handmade in Wiltshire UK

  • Free Postage within UK