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Chakra Chart, Chakra Healing Talismans, Chakra Energetic System

Chakra Healing Talismans

The Chakras are pools of energy that sustain you and make up a vital part of your energy system. The Chakras are feed by the streams of your meridian system and generate your aura.

Taking care of your chakra system is essential for your holistic health. Just like pools of water, the Chakras can get blocked, out of balance, overflow, and disconnect. The Chakras need maintenance to support the flow of energy between them enabling the Chakras to clear and find balance.

The Chakra Healing Talismans are created to be powerful healing tools, at each step of their creation, energy, magic, alchemy and Reiki are layered in with the glass, all sealed with intention for the highest greatest good by the symbol.

The Chakras are listed from the Heart Chakra the balance point, in order of, as above so below.