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Heart of Mother Earth Chakra Healing Talisman Handmade Fused Dichroic Glass

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This healing talisman was created to help you connect and work with the energy of the Heart of Mother Earth Chakra.

The Heart of Mother Earth Charka is located at the very centre of the planet. The Heart of Mother Earth Chakra connects us to the deep unending love and support of Goddess Gaia/ Mother Earth. The symbol represents: the strength and stability of this amazing planet/Mother Earth, unity and protection.

You may not even be aware of this chakra but you may feel the results of it being out of balance. Issues that can arise from the Heart of Mother Earth Chakra being out of balance, blocked, overworking, and disconnected are: not feeling safe on this planet and wanting to go "home". It relieves Ascension symptoms ie; aches, pains, headaches, high energy, spacey, and emotional imbalance. Issues around money and relationships.

With each step of creating this healing talisman energy, magic, alchemy and Reiki are layered in with the glass and sealed with the symbol, making it powerful healing tool.

By using dichroic fused glass the talisman has a magical shimmer of colour which flashes and sparkles as you wear it.

  • The Talisman is presented on a gift card with information about the chakra.

  • Choose to have it presented on a 18" surgical steel hypoallergenic chain or black cord necklace

  • Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm

  • Handmade in Wiltshire UK

  • Free Postage within UK